Thursday, 22 April 2010

April Stuff

Well, I did something very daring in April. I joined a roadrunners club. And I am very excited about it.
Here is the sad thing (for me). I have always known this would be a dilemma, so it always kept me from joining a club. But I just wasn't making the kind of progress I need to make in order to do a marathon this year and I needed to take drastic action - hence the club. Back to the sad: I am too slow to go with even the slowest runners, so I joined the walkers.
The happy part of that is that they are excellent walkers. These are no slackers. These are some very fast walkers. They are accomplished walkers. Most of them have finished half-marathons and some of them have finished my coveted goal - a whole marathon... walking! Probably faster than I could "run" it.
So, I have happily joined them. I have a plan - a multi-colored spreadsheet. I have followed it faithfully. April will be my first over 50 mile month in over a year. I am very excited.
It is so much more motivating not to be always alone. When I have told someone I would be somewhere, it is easier to be there. And so much more fun.
I plan on doing the Bolder Boulder in May (that was my first race - in 1987!) and a mountain (I edited out the name since my blog was coming up in searches for that race) half-marathon in August. I am registered for the Boulder Marathon in September, but I don't think I will be able to squeeze a 26.2 out of that. I think I will do the half. I am not sure what full marathon I am going to do, but I am going to do one in Fall 2010.