Sunday, 8 November 2009

Progress Report

T7 si Treadmill
I gave myself a goal of losing 15 pounds before I would post anything on this blog again.

And I did it! Woo! Hoo!

I can actually live at this weight.

I will continue on my food plan (Eat Clean Diet - thank you Tosca Reno!) and hope to lose more weight, but I feel FREAKING AWESOME right now.

After getting a freak October snowstorm where I had over 2 feet of snow at my house, I decided that I just needed to purchase myself a treadmill so that no matter what I could get a work out in.

So, I got a treadmill. It is awesome to get up early in the morning and hit the treadmill wearing freaky clothes, sweating like a nut, panting as I am going too fast for comfort, and doing all this before it is even light outside! Very good purchase.

Last week's mileage was 13.1 miles. I thought it was a wonderful coincidence that I did a half-marathon. I certainly didn't mean to. My run yesterday was 5 miles. I think it was a bit too ambitious with hills. I think I will go back to flatter long runs. I have added hills into my 3 mile runs, and that is OK. But I am still not feeling that strong, so I think I will cut myself some slack on the long runs for a while.

Here is my plan...
  • For the remainder of 2009 - lose another 10 lbs.
  • Build my base mileage - get at least up to being able to do a comfortable 10K
  • Register for the "winter race series" - 3 races, 1 in Dec., 1 in Jan., 1 in Feb.
  • Run a half marathon in Spring - hopefully in an exotic and fun location - suggestions?
  • Run a Real, Live, 26.2 mile Marathon in the fall, leaning towards Richmond - suggestions?
That's my plan. Hope I can do it.

(People advertising diets are advised to go elsewhere, I will delete your comments. Thank you.)