Thursday, 30 July 2009

Long Time Without Update

I was hesitant to post about my triathlon. I will NEVER do another tri where I need a wetsuit. I was OK, but I had to stop to flag down help for two different women at two different times who needed to be pulled out of the water. I hate to talk about that because I would hate for anyone who never did a tri to think that is normal - it isn't. My time for the race was really bad. I spent about 15 extra minutes in the water and didn't do much better on the bike portion.

Anyway - I have another tri this weekend. The weather here has absolutely been terrible - like as in cold and rainy and stormy, haily, windy, cold watery. I am not adequately trained, but I will just take it slow.

Here we go again with my annual decision that I really like long distance running. When I am doing long distance running, I long to train for a triathlon... but I think I am done with the bike.

I went over the handlebars (again) in May. I didn't break anything this time, but it freaked me out just the same. It is the second time I have done that. The last time was 4 years ago, and I broke a rib.

Maybe I just have to concede that I really am old?

Although a friend at work yesterday told me that she asked a couple of our co-workers how old they thought I was. One answered 40! The other thought maybe my late 40's, 50 tops. Wow. I am 57 and a half.

I am just grateful that these are my concerns. It is a good deal for a person my age.