Thursday, 30 July 2009

Long Time Without Update

I was hesitant to post about my triathlon. I will NEVER do another tri where I need a wetsuit. I was OK, but I had to stop to flag down help for two different women at two different times who needed to be pulled out of the water. I hate to talk about that because I would hate for anyone who never did a tri to think that is normal - it isn't. My time for the race was really bad. I spent about 15 extra minutes in the water and didn't do much better on the bike portion.

Anyway - I have another tri this weekend. The weather here has absolutely been terrible - like as in cold and rainy and stormy, haily, windy, cold watery. I am not adequately trained, but I will just take it slow.

Here we go again with my annual decision that I really like long distance running. When I am doing long distance running, I long to train for a triathlon... but I think I am done with the bike.

I went over the handlebars (again) in May. I didn't break anything this time, but it freaked me out just the same. It is the second time I have done that. The last time was 4 years ago, and I broke a rib.

Maybe I just have to concede that I really am old?

Although a friend at work yesterday told me that she asked a couple of our co-workers how old they thought I was. One answered 40! The other thought maybe my late 40's, 50 tops. Wow. I am 57 and a half.

I am just grateful that these are my concerns. It is a good deal for a person my age.


Jess said...

Congrats in finishing your last tri, no matter the time, and good luck with your upcoming one!

Wes said...

Did you see the 70 something year old lady that completed the Ironman? You may get slower, but you are never too old.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Congrats on your latest Tri. It's quite an accomplishment every time.

And coworkers thought you were in your 40s?!? Sweeet!!

I've discovered a series of splash and dash races near me. Swim and Run. I LOVE it. No bike!!! Maybe they have something like that up your way???

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