Saturday, 22 May 2010

Training for a Marathon

This is a picture of my shadow - I was trying to take a magnificent photograph of the front range of the rocky mountains while I was walking this morning - and ended up with a bunch of crazy photos on my iPhone - this is one of them. And the fuel belt does not make for a svelte looking shadow, I must add. Walking and chewing gum? Maybe not so easy...

I am truly training for a marathon. I have not managed to do one before. I have done 5 half marathons, but never a whole enchilada. And funny, I never finished a half and said "Gee! I wish I had 13.1 more miles to run!!" But I have always wanted to run a marathon. And at the age of 58, I figure it is now or never.

I love, love, loving my running club. It is so wonderful to have these wonderful people to meet up with at 5:30 on Saturday morning. Yes, 5:30. A.M. I love that too.

I have backed off some other commitments, so I am thinking I will have time to keep this blog a little more current. Would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Frozen Shoulder

I have got a frozen right shoulder! Thankfully, this does not affect my running - or fast walking. My training is on track. And going well. I am extremely happy with my decision to join the running club - it is awesome to have people to meet every Saturday morning. It is a major motivator.
But a triathlon this summer? I don't know. I need to get in the pool and see if I can even do a breast stroke.
I am doing the few exercises my ortho dude gave me.
I have an appointment for PT next Friday.
Aging is not for the weak-hearted.