Thursday, 27 December 2007

I have a problem

I don't know what to do about it. I seem to have lost my motivation to run. This is a big problem. I am dependent upon running for my mental and physical health.

I sent an e-mail to "Team in Training" today asking for information. Maybe if I had some external motivation it would help. I don't know what I am going to do to get motivated.

It is snowing like crazy. I thought maybe I would get outside and run, but there is no way. Even getting to the gym seems impossible with the roads the way they are. Which sounds reasonable, except that this time last year, I was still running.

Maybe after the first of the year?

This is scaring me.


Jess said...

Motivation is not a constant for anyone; and I find it ebbs and flows. You'll find it again. Don't worry.

Wes said...

It's the off season. Everyone should take 8-12 weeks off of doing NOTHING :-) Relax and enjoy...

Marathoner in Training said...

With the weather you are having, I think I want to move to Denver area. We are debating whether to move to Denver or San Diego. Have two seasons or four seasons. We will not move for a year or two. As for your lack of motovation, I can feel for you, Do you have a race in the near future to train for? I find that that seems to help to have a goal to meet. Good luck to you.

Marcy said...

Don't worry Mary you're in good company. I think it's hard for us seasonal weather folks. I'm in the same boat, as well as a lot of others. You'll get it back! I know it! ;D

Vanilla said...

Unless you're in the mountains in CO then we should be done with the snow for a week or two (I think).

Some good ways to find your motivation: download a new running song to your iPod, buy some new cold weather running clothes, buy new running shoes.

Like Jess said, don't worry about it, it will come back.

J~mom said...

The best way for me to stay motivated is to pay for a race. Once I have it picked out and start planning for it I start getting excited.

Try not to worry, you probably just need to break!

Michelle said...

I think it's pretty common to lose motivation this time of year. I have lost a bit because my kids have been so sick this week and the weather was lousy. But I got new running stuff and I intend to try it out tomorrow on my first run in almost a week.

Hope your motivation comes back soon!

Sue said...

I'm sure your motivation will come back once the New Year is upon us! Time to rest now and enjoy the break!

Karen said...

Hiya... Agree with the sentiment here really;
1. The weather is obviously not great right now for you so motivation when the only option is the dreadmill (assuming you can get to it), is always going to be put to the test
2. Maybe you just need to accept you need a little down time and just go with the flow. I did this for about 2months after my last race of the season - it's a lot less stressful!
3. When you get the itch - enter the race - then you'll have something paid up which you'll feel more obliged to train for

GOOD LUCK with your New Year Plans!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself!
Just jump back on and refocus :)
Sign up for your next goal.