Friday, 25 January 2008

Confusion Reigns Supreme

I wanted to show a picture of "my" classroom. I started co-teaching a class at the University I attended and love. That blackboard (circa 1950) just makes me Happy :)

Now, to the confusion. The airfares to Alaska seem to have increased by a couple hundred dollars in the last couple of weeks. Or maybe I was delusional about how much they were before? Anyway, they are not cheap. I can stay with my nephew, but I have privacy issues - and I don't want to have to be worried about hurrying out of a bathroom at 4 a.m. on the day of a race. I also want to be able to eat whatever the hell I want. I have lived alone for a LONG time and I am quite used to it.

I have a bad habit of spending money like I am a gazillionaire. I am rapidly becoming a non-gazillionaire. I am rapidly becoming a non-thousandaire... or even a non-hundredaire! I am conflicted about going to Alaska to run a marathon and spend at a minimum of $1,200. Minimum, probably not even realistic. That would be my summer vacation. And I would be mooching off my beloved nephew. I have wanted to go to Alaska all my life, but maybe I could go some other time and NOT run a marathon? Just thinking....

So I checked out airfare and hotel packages for San Diego. I could get airfare and a modest hotel room (for hundredaires) for 4 nights for under $800. And I could be alone in a hotel and not have to worry about bathroom issues, or staying up half the night, or waking up at 3 a.m., which I have a habit of doing, etc.

I feel like such a loser for changing my mind on a weekly basis, and still not really having my mind made up. Here is another issue: I am not for sure I can run a whole marathon. The San Diego is strictly a 26.2 - no halfsies.

You know, one of the things I teach at school is flowcharting and other methods of analysis. Perhaps I need to sit down and figure this damn thing out!

Training has been good this week. Although I did try to run on the treadmill at the gym on Monday afternoon - I cannot run in the afternoon. I only lasted for 2 miles and I felt like crap. Yesterday I managed 3 miles on the treadmill. I will try 6 miles tomorrow.
Wes mentioned that I might consider running a local marathon. I am not considering that because I live a 'mile high'. When I talked to Jeff Galloway about the possibility of running a marathon back in November, he urged me to try it - but definitely not at altitude. So that is why I am looking for a marathon at sea level.
Thanks you guys.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I love San Diego. I think you would have a nice time for 4 nights.

I hope to go to Alaska this summer with my family of 4. It requires saving money, as you mentioned, it is VERY expensive.

I think whatever you do will be fine, but probably you'll feel better if you figure this out sooner than later. Best wishes!

Wes said...

OK. Last time :-) I'm not knocking Dee Dee, but if she can run a marathon after only doing ONE sixteen mile run, then so can you!!! Dee Dee taught us a lot about what it means to run a marathon. So what if she finished 20 minutes before the finish line closed. She's still a marathoner.

As far as San Diego versus Alaska goes? I really have no opinion. It would be totally cool with me if you did a local marathon :-)

J~mom said...

It's a tough decision so I totally understand. Does that tax credit we are all getting help at all? ;>)

ws said...

all of the Florida marathons are at sea level...of course they are all in the winter, too because most people aren't crazy enough to do peak mileage during the summer.

Sometimes flights are more expensive on different dates or at different times. I find midweek early morning is the best time to book flights. And, I can totally appreciate the privacy thing, but I'd go for Alaska rather than San Diego - just my two cents.

I miss those days of classrooms with sliding chalkboards - brings back good memories. Thanks for the picture.