Saturday, 19 July 2008

Word from long lost blogger

In my other blogging life I just forget about people who don't post regularly.  My behavior on this blog is very different.  I have been doing some soul searching about my fitness regimen and have felt like I am being a whiner when I post about it.  I  think I have it pretty well worked out now, so I will tell you what I have come up with.

Here's the big confession:  I weigh too much. I am fit, but just too big.  I have gained weight in the last year.  I find it very difficult to train for a half marathon and eat sensibly at the same time.  This weight has impacted my performance I think.  I think it is why I am so freaking slow.

So - (oh, how I loathe to write this) I joined Weight Watchers again.  I am a lifetime member (since 1988) and it never fails to work for me if I just try to stay reasonable and not get too crazy with limiting my intake of food.  I have lost 5 lbs. so far, and hope to just keep plugging along. If I were to lose a total of 20 lbs., I would be ecstatic.  If I lost 10 lbs. I would be pretty happy and maybe that happiness would keep me motivated.  

I still want everyone to know that I am still 30 lbs. down from where I was in 2001.  Just so you know....

I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill 12 days ago.  I suffered terribly for that.  My sciatica was practically unbearable.  I have spent a bit of time in traction since then.  I have also been walking.  And biking. And swimming.  Yesterday, I took a little 2 mile run and was fine, so I have hopes that my triathlon on August 3 won't be a total disaster.  

This morning, I drove down to the lake an swam for 25 minutes.  Then I hopped on my bike and rode for an hour.  It was good.  I felt good and I feel good now.  

I have a full day ahead of me and better get on with it.  I will visit your blogs tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading all of this...


Lisa said...

Sounds like you have things figured out for yourself. That's great.

And you've already lost 5lbs? Wow.

Be happy. :)

Joe said...

Life brings us to moments of soul-searching.

Usually a good thing. You are sure pursuing healthy things. Find the friends who will help!!

Hope that darn sciatica calms down for you!!!

Adam said...

I certainly wish I had somewhere to swim.

Quite honestly I weigh too much myself. I have this crazy idea that if I run....I can eat whatever I want.

Wes said...

You aren't a whiner anymore than the rest of us. That's why we are here. You got shoulders to lean on! Great news on the weight loss!! And if you can't run, then definitely enjoy some more swim time!!!

Jess said...

It can be hard to manage weight while training for distance running -- you just get hungry!

But good job taking the issue into your own hands and re-joining WW. I hear the program produces results for many people!

J~Mom said...

I felt the exact same way when I rejoined weight watchers. I am in it with you! :>)

Michelle said...

You're not a whiner! I am bigger than I want to be, also. But I eat when stressed, and summer school (physio) has stressed me out, so there ya go.