Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dreaming Again...

Yesterday at work in a hospital-wide meeting, three representatives from HR dropped in to tell us about potential lay-offs and our rights should that occur.  They said it was unlikely, but I am thinking the two top people in the department would not have come to the meeting if it were really and truly unlikely.  Only time will tell...

So, as everyone went back to their work areas and offices to ponder life without a job, I went back to my office and started planning a trip to Hawaii.  And why go somewhere without a race being involved?

I have been to 49 states.  The only one I have not visited is Hawaii.  I really want to go there.

The Kona Marathon is on June 28.  The headquarter hotel's rate is $130 per night.  It looks awesome.  The race starts and ends at the hotel.  

The race is apparently hard,  hilly and hot.  I had considered trying to run the full 26.2, but probably this isn't the good choice for a first and probably only in my lifetime marathon.  

But I could still do a half.

Has anyone done this race?

Is there any hope for me?  I hardly even trained for P.F. Chang's and swore it would be my last long distance event... but I had so much fun, it really left me wanting to do more races.  

My cold is about 80% gone, and I can go out and run tomorrow (if we don't get too much snow).  I am totally uninjured at this point since I have run only once since January 18.  

I want to go to Hawaii!    Any thoughts?


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I've been to the Big Island and also Maui. Liked them both, but liked Maui better. My only suggestion is look to see if there's a half there instead.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Oh, and best wishs with the job situation. So many layloffs all over. :-(

Jess said...

GO! I've never been to Hawaii, but I hear it's wonderful.

Cynthia said...

Hawaii is beautiful, a half would be nice, you wouldn't be too sore to enjoy the island.
The only state I haven't been to is North Dakota, I wonder if there's a good half there...

Wes said...

Go! Run the marathon, run the half, whatever. Live it up! You deserve it :-)

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