Saturday, 1 September 2007

8 miles, 6 weeks

It is six weeks until the Denver (half) Marathon. My daughter and I went out and ran 8 miles this morning. It was nice. For the first 5 miles, she was being very quiet, and I thought perhaps she was pouting. At somewhere around 5 miles, she stopped and told me off!

She said she never wants to hear me talk about how "slow" I am if this is where I am running. She said "this is insane." and "you should be proud you can even run on hills like this." and "This is running up mountains mom!" I felt like crying. I felt so chastised. She apologized for the stern tone she took with me, but she is frustrated that at my age I would be so hard on myself and talk about how slow I am.

Maybe I ought to knock it off, eh?

It ended up being a nice run. She discovered the joys of slowing down a bit. We kept a conversation going the last 2 miles or so, and she said she had never been able to run and talk at the same time, but at the pace we were going, she felt she could go on forever. Yep.
That's what I'm Talking About!


Joe said...

Wow, what a cool time with your daughter!!! She's in awe of let yourself be awesome!!

Pound those will pay off!!

Debbi said...

I think you and I should compare ourselves to each other, instead of to all those young whippersnappers who routinely knock off eight-minute miles. We aren't spring chickens any more, and I know plenty of women in our age group who never get off the couch!

Glad you had a good run.

J~mom said...

Awww...that totally sounds like my mom and I. We are so very close and so sometimes we talk loud to each other. ;>)

Glad you had a nice run with her!

Randy said...

Hi Mary, thanks for checking on me. we are in Minnesota and then in North Dakota later today. Not getting in much running.

That was a great run. You will do great with the Denver run.

ws said...

perhaps she wasn't talking because she couldn't because the hills were too hard. and, Debbi is right about women in your age group. My mother wouldn't run 8 tenths of a mile with me, forget about 8 miles.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job on the run. Your daughter maybe will help you put things into perspective. :)

Anonymous said...

Your girl is so right!
Thanks for checking on me too...