Sunday, 13 April 2008

10 Miles on a Sunday Morning

But the picture is from yesterday. I had my granddaughters all day. Among other things, like shopping and going out for lunch, we went to my favorite park and played. What a joy it is to be a grandmother.

Except when you are trying to run 10 miles. Just kidding. The ten miles was fine this morning. I incorporated huge hills into this run. I feel good about it.

Except for my little temper tantrum. I wasted at least 4 ounces of water squirting it at a parked car with a bunch of asinine anti-war bumper stickers. Sometimes I wish I carried around stick-it notes to put on cars like that. "you can thank my son later for protecting your right to be a (insert favorite obscenity here, I know which one I like) idiot." yeah, stuff like that. "Bikes not bombs" was one of the most compelling stickers. Yeah, bikes will do an excellent job against people hell-bent on destroying us. Good plan.

Sorry if I have offended anyone. I am not usually flag waving in-your-face... but that car really peeved me.

But I regretted the waste of water later. Jeez. I really must learn to control myself.


Marcy said...

Oooooo Mary how sweet is that pic! It looks like such a sweet time with the grandkids :-)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Love the pic of the grandkiddies.

And good job on the 10miler. Except for the little waste of water. hehehehe. But I don't blame you for that!

J~Mom said...

Love the pic! It's great to hear the grandparent's perspective. For the parents it's so nice to have a break!

Great job on your 10 miler!!

Wes said...

Great pics of the grand kids. and nice job on the 10 miler! hills too!!! Woot!

Remember it takes all types to make the world go round. I love the members of our armed forces, especially those I had the honor with which to serve. I am less enamored of the idjets that sent them there :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

That's a beautiful picture. Good job on the 10 miler.

Michelle said...

Great job, Mary!!

This must have been the weekend of the 10-mile run. I did 10 on Sat, and Nancy did 10, also. :-)

Joe said...

With my son just home from Iraq, I have mixed feelings when I see those bumper stickers. I land that it is a marvelous country in which someone is free to put such a bumper sticker out there.

Yet, I've had less charitable days when I'd have thrown water too.

glad you got a good 10 in with hills!!!