Saturday, 19 April 2008

Fifteen Miles

I did it. It hurt like hell, but I did it. The first 12 miles were actually OK. I started really slow and stayed pretty slow. I ran 4 and walked 1. I really enjoyed about 12 or 13 miles of it. It is a beautiful day AND I have a new running skirt and visor!

I stopped by my favorite running store in the universe yesterday, Runners Roost in Lakewood, for a visor. I got the visor, but I also got the very cutest running skirt and I ordered a shirt to go with it, but will have to wait until next week to get it. If I had one drop of energy, I would take a picture of this cute skirt, but frankly, I don't know how I am going to get up the stairs to eat something and take a bath - followed by a nap!

As I hobbled to my car to drive home today, I couldn't help but wonder how I could possibly run 11.2 more miles than this. Maybe my attitude will improve once I don't stink... we shall see.


ws said...

Great job on the 15 miler...I hope you enjoy a nice cold bath and a nap with your legs elevated.

The other 11.2 happen one mile at a time.

Kevin said...

Way to go on the 15 miler. Just keep telling ourself you can do it and build up slowly and 26 will come. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend

Wes said...

I asked that same question after my 14 mile run. How the hell am I going to do 12 more? The answer lies in the fact that 14-18 are the toughest miles. Once you are over that hump, you are homeward bound!!! Way to go, Mary!!

Adam said...

Great job on the 15 miler.

How could possibly question if you can do 11 more? When you first started running would you have believed you could go 15?

J~Mom said...

YOU DID IT!!!!WOOHOO!!!!!!!!