Sunday, 28 September 2008

Back on Track

Oh goodness!  It is good to run again.  I was lacking motivation for a while... then I got a terrible cold for a week, and now I am back!  I ran 3.1 miles yesterday and today I took a little trail run.

I visited my favorite running store yesterday and found out about a 4 mile race in October.  It is on a Wednesday night!  On trails!  In the dark!  How fun does that sound?  Very fun.  Now I have to buy a head lamp!

It is good to feel a little excitement again.  I was thinking about doing a half-marathon at P.F. Chang's in January, but since I lost 10% of my net worth last week, I might need to re-think a few things!  And maybe try to find local races to run.

I need to catch up with you all too!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

5 Miles

I did run one morning in Charlotte.  This was a beautiful old church along the way.  It amazed me that the altitude seemed to be a factor.  I felt faster and indeed was.  Why was the altitude not a factor in Anchorage I wonder.  

This morning I headed out on one of my favorite running trails.  I intended to run 5 miles, but felt pretty good at 2.5, so I didn't turn around.  I turned around at 3 miles, and then started feeling really crappy at about 4.  I ran 5 miles and walked the last one in.  

I haven't run more than 3 miles at a time since the half marathon in June!  I was so accustomed to running 10 miles that it amazed me this morning to be absolutely beat after 4 miles.  If I am going to run I better start doing it a little more!

Hope everyone in Texas is safe.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Question of Etiquette

OK, if it is not good race etiquette to wear a race shirt for a race you were never in, how about this...

I am in Charlotte, NC on a business trip.  At the Denver Airport today, I was putting myself back together after going through security and noticed the guy ahead of me had a "Chicago Marathon" luggage tag.  So, knowing what happened last year (ungodly heat and a canceled race) at the Chicago Marathon, I asked him if he finished the Chicago Marathon.  Well, he looked at me like I was the most intrusive person on earth and said "I never ran the Chicago Marathon." 

Well, Excuuuuuuse me!  

If you are carrying a bag with a Chicago Marathon luggage tag, shouldn't you have run the thing?  

On another note, I see I have a "follower"!  How cool!  You Rock Marcy.

Do you think I will get around to running in downtown Charlotte?  It COULD happen.

Monday, 1 September 2008


I sat down on the sidewalk to take this picture on my morning run today.  I thought the flowers were pretty and evoked a mood of late summer.  I love late summer, early fall, late fall, early winter... then early spring, late spring, early summer, and late summer again.  The only part of the year I struggle to like is late winter.  

But I digress...

I went for an introduction session at a yoga studio today and then plopped down my credit card to pay the considerable sum for 3 months of membership.  Please, somebody, tell me this wasn't a waste of money!  Yoga is not cheap!

I have been struggling to keep running.  I have been struggling with just about everything.  I have been in tremendous pain from the car accident.  The CT scan showed that I have "degenerative disc disease" which isn't news to me.  I am glad it is nothing more acutely worse than that.  

But do I want to continue to go to Physical Therapy once a week for limited relief (at $30. a crack), or should I try something else?  I decided that yoga might just help me.  The tiny little korean woman at the yoga place was so kind to me, and didn't try to insult me into signing up.  You know how sometimes people tell you how very badly you need them by telling you how very pitiful you are?  I didn't feel any of that at all.  

We shall see...