Friday, 2 January 2009


This post is probably going to be a rant, so be forewarned:

My goals for this year is to run ONE half-marathon and TWO triathlons.  My half-marathon is in 2 weeks.  I am not ready for it, but I guess I can survive it.  And then I have no more long runs to do.  And right now I am happy about that.  

I usually do a sprint tri every summer.  I was considering doing an Olympic since I am eliminating the long distance running.  So, I looked at a local tri with a good reputation and it was there that I discovered this new (to me) concept:


Now, granted, Athena sounds a lot better than Clydesdale, but really.  

I have weighed 150 lbs. or under at various times in my life.  When I do, people ask me if I am sick.  My ribs show through SWEATERS.  I wear a size 8.  

When I weigh considerably more than 150 (as I do now) people tell me I look fit.  I wear a size 12.  Even my physical therapist and my physician tell me I am fit.  My physician told me when I weighed 205 lbs. (years ago, I don't weigh anything near that now) that I had less fat on me than some folks who weigh 130 lbs.  

What about if you are a woman who is 6' tall and you weigh 150?  Your BMI would be 20.3 - hardly "fat".  Should there be a special class for that?  

It just sounds arbitrary and awful to me.  There are some very fit people out there who do not fit the stereotype of an "athlete."  But they are healthy.

I guess I am a little bit upset that I gained 4 lbs. over the gluttonous holidays.  And developed some bad habits I am struggling to ditch.  I usually try to not weigh every day and not be obsessed with the scale, but when my pants start being tight, I do take a gander at the scale and today was one of those days.

My fitness has been a struggle since last May.  I would say it is because of the piriformis syndrome - which really is killer, but I am not sure that is really what it is.  I guess if I wasn't in gruesome pain when I ran I would have a better attitude about it.  

OK, that's enough out of this 


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I never thought that the Athena category was aimed at "fat" people, but just a separate class for heavier athletes regardless of build. There are plenty of Athena's that can kick my butt in a race any day. Shrug.

Karen said...

We don't have Athena here but I'm 5'8 and generally over 150lbs as a norm (even pre-70.3 racing)... I think Lisa's right, it's just a category for weight, without defining what that means (could be tall and thin, or short and not as thin).

Good luck with your half - two weeks time.. gulp!!!

Jess said...

I know of "Athena" as a category, but like Lisa says, I don't think it's for "fat" athletes. I know some women who race that category and they are like you: strong and healthy.

ws said...

I, too, am an Athena about 98% of the time. If I drop below 145 people ask if I've stopped eating and sleeping, because I look like I have. I've never categorized myself as an Athena for an event, but I would have placed in my age group at a few local races if I did.

Wes said...

Age groups don't ask what you weigh or how big you are. It's your choice to pick Athena or age group. {shrug}.

Marcy said...

I'm with Lisa. I never thought of Athena as the "fat" category. There are tons of ladies in there that could whoop my butt LOL

Michelle said...

I wish we had Athena categories in the races I do! I haven't been under 150 in my adult life, and that includes when I was on the rowing team in college and had awesome muscles and really low body fat!

Good luck!

Girl on Top said...

I gained some weight too over the holiday so you're not alone!

Good luck on your half! Just think that at the end, you can rest! I tell myself lies to get me going!

Gargamello said...

You can survive the half marathon. It's a good distance and a nice flat course and has plenty of aid stations and should be a lot of fun.

I am also running there, the marathon, and am trying to qualify for Boston, which for me requires a 3:10. So while you're doing your half, maybe think of how it could be an even more painful, trying experience, and perhaps it won't seem so bad?