Saturday, 10 January 2009


Okay.  I slept all afternoon today to try to get rid of this cold.  I woke up and decided to go get my wardrobe figured out for this race.  

So, I looked up the weather forecast for Phoenix on Jan. 18 - it is supposed to get down in the 40s, and get up to 70º for the high.  Here is my plan:

  • I will wear my running skirt - mainly because it has a couple of good sized pockets.
  • I will wear my favorite green technical tee - mainly because it is my favorite.
  • I will wear shoes and socks - I wish I could get some green smart wools.  I love my smart wools and will never wear anything else.
  • I purchased some arm things so that my arms can be covered and then not covered when I need them to be naked.
  • I will wear my green jacket and check it at the start- unless I am freezing at the start, and then I will wear it and tie it around my waist if needed.  
Any veterans of the race or residents of Arizona have feedback on this wardrobe plan?



Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Can't comment from a weather perspective, but it looks cute!! That's gotta count for something, right? :-)

Lily on the Road said...

Okay, me again! LOL,

We wore shorts, short sleeved shirts, most definitely a hat to protect you from the sun and we had brought old sweatshirts to wear at the beginning of the day (because it is really cool in the am). Once you get running (it took 32 minutes to get to the start line), you throw away your old shirt and they come along and collect everything for the Mission which is right near the race start location. After the race you are given lovely mylar blankets to wrap up in if you feel cold, otherwise, the temperatures are great....

If you want, put your jacket in the checkbag for later, but I wouldn't wear it running, but that is just me!!

Have a great time and I hope you are getting over your cold.

BTW, my word was PEACE!

Jess said...

Well, the race there doesn't start until 8 am, right? And it will probably take you a good 30 minutes to cross the start, so you may not need the colder weather stuff, but it's smart to take it along.

Wes said...

Nothing like planning to get excited. Woo hoo!! I agree with Lisa. It IS all about how you look!

Karen said...

Arm warmers are an excellent idea as you can roll them down if you get too hot.

I wore a bin liner before my half just inverted it and cut a head hole (did do arm holes too but ended tucking those inside as I wasn't wearing the arm warmers)... the bin liner keeps you warm enough and dry and can be thrown easily at the start. I wouldn't wear a jacket as I'd get too hot - but that's me.

Hat is a must (it helps me manage my hair for a start!!), I have one with like a mesh top so it doesn't get too hot.


The Running Knitter said...

You might not need the jacket. They are forecasting 40s at the start, then high 60s at the finish. I ran yesterday around 9 AM and it was already in the 50s. I wore long sleeves and was hot. I'm thinking I might get a throw away shirt.