Sunday, 10 February 2008

19 Weeks

First of all, congratulations to everyone who participated in 9 on the 9th. You guys and gals inspire me every single day.

Second, with 4 days now since my last run, I am feeling much better. It took till yesterday to realize that it was truly my hip that was hurting. Specifically the acetabulum (I would hate to have taken all the years of Anatomy and Physiology, and Pathophysiology and not use the big impressive medical words I learned!) It took a great deal of self-restraint to NOT go out and run this morning. But I counted up how many weeks until the Mayor's Marathon on June 21 - there are still 19 weeks, so technically, I still have three weeks until I start my training in earnest.

Third, I went to my favorite running store (Runners' Roost, Lakewood) on Friday and the owner said "I saw your blog!" She is such a nice lady and it is a joy to go to that store. I then wondered how she found my blog and thought about getting a site meter - I have one on my other blog and have found that the ways people find blogs are very interesting indeed. This desire was also fueled by Wenster finding that she was findable under "cactus attack."

So I did install a site meter and imagine my dismay to find that since Friday, the number one search that netted my blog is "Z-pac". Holy crap. I titled one of my entries that way when I was sick with bronchitis and was hopeful that the Zithromicin would get it out of me (and it did.) So, clearly I have not arrived on the radar as a middle aged fitness maven.

Oh, and another search was for the name of the person who wrote the awful letter to People Magazine about Katie Holmes disgracing the entire sport of Marathon running by coming in at 5 and a half hours. I hadn't realized that he was a famous marathoner, I thought he was just some random jerk who wrote a letter to People Magazine.

Fun with Site Meter! And it is Free!

Fourth: I got my hair cut on Saturday. I hope my hair stylist doesn't find my blog because I am not real happy about this. When I heard that her Dad died two weeks ago and she was completely and utterly destroyed, I should have offered my support, and then run the other way. I now have striped red, blonde, and brown hair. It was KINDA this way before, but it was really, really cute. Now it is striped and the red is RED. Not auburn, not strawberry, but cherry kool-aid red. yikes.

Some day soon I am going to be writing about running again. And I am anxious to do so.


Marcy said...

Oooooooo Mary's going all Sitemeter on us now ;-) I better stop visiting your site for hrs at a time now (LOL I'm KIDDING!) I'd be a little weirded out if someone I casually knew ran across my blog LOL. Not that anything I say is not anything I would not say in person but it's just weird I guess hehe.

J~Mom said...

I love site meter. I have to force myself to walk away sometimes though because I find myself analyzing every single ip.

I just had a very similar hair experience. Ugh.

Jess said...

Careful, site meter montioring can become addictive!

Wes said...

Glad to know you have the issue nailed down! You are absolutely right about taking it easy until your training officially kicks off at week 16!

I use stat counter to track visits to my site. Doesn't sound quite as interesting as site meter though. I may need to switch :-)

ws said...

I'm not sure if sitemeter is really beneficial for me or not - depends how much time I devote to analyzing other peoples' motives. the searches though - totally absurd. And someone mentioned Zicam once in my comments and I get tons of hits for that.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Red are a wild one!

Marathoner in Training said...

The wild and crazy woman. Leave it to a government employee to color their hair with RED stripes. Glad you are feeling better.