Friday, 22 February 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

Last night I met a friend and her daughter at the theater and we all watched "Spirit of the Marathon." I loved this movie. It gave me a much-needed shot in the arm as far as motivation goes. I could relate to the 70 year old man!

I just did a google blog search to see who was blogging about the movie. Imagine that once again, I find that runners are somehow insulted that anyone other than a stellar athlete should be running a marathon. One of the posts about the movie is entitled "Boo hoo I'm a runner." And the post very sarcastically laments that the movie might feature a formerly overweight single mom who gets emotional when she finishes a marathon. The movie also features world class runners. I thought it was balanced and wonderful!

One thing that was really fabulous was the demographic of the audience. I don't believe there was one bag of popcorn in that whole theater. Or jumbo cup of icy pop. There were lots of bottles of water, and that was about it. A bunch of people leaping up the stairs to the high seats. A bunch of really fit and mostly happy people. We cheered and clapped and generally had a good time as an audience.

A marathon. Imagine. Wow. I am actually registered and training for one.


Wes said...

Woo hoo! Marathon: You can DO IT :-) It takes all types to make the world go round. The kind that walk around with their heads up their ass just aren't welcome here... Community is where its at baby!!!!

Ready to rock the house?

Debbi said...

The nearest place the movie was playing to me was 98 miles away. Sigh. Thanks for the review.

Not only are you registered and training for a marathon, you're inspiring so many people by writing about it. Keep up the great work!

Jason The Running Man said...

AWESOME! Keep up the good work. It was playing here as well, I wish I could have seen it. Some people just don't get it!

Marcy said...

No popcorn at all?!? Really? I'd probably be the only one with a huge tub :-X

Marathoner in Training said...

Well I needed to catch up on your past four blog entries so here goes:
#4 - It is so much fun to run in shorts and t-shirts, I have been doing that all winter. Do not hate me, I also run in 120+ temps in the summer.
#3 - That is great that a neighbor is a blogger and a runner also. What kind of phone do you have, I just love those toes, I might make that my wallpaper on my computer. Just kidding
#2 - I have seen the Garmin 405 and was deeply depressed by it. It lacks a lot of the features of the 305 and only lasts about 4 to 5 hours on a charge with the GPS turned on. Stick with the 305.
#1 - The movie was awesome, I took my wife with me and we both loved it. I do not know how you could relate to the 70 year old guy, your are not near that age (I know you told me your age). Remember that age is a relative term. You are 35 years old in your head then you are 35 years old. Keep up the training for the marathon, you will do just fine.

Joe said...

I was upset,too, at folks who panned the movie. I thought it was fabulously done and look forward to getting the DVD when it comes out.

Very inspirational.

I went to it with my son, just back from Iraq, and he loved it too. A refreshing change for him.

Keep rolling!!

J~Mom said...

I totally noticed that about the popcorn as well. That is why when I hopped up to get some I announced that I needed my "carbs". Then I cracked up at how dumb I was. LOL I