Sunday, 3 February 2008

Washington Park

This morning I went to Washington Park to run my planned 7 miles. And I did it! When I got to the park, I realized there was a 5K race - it was relatively small, I actually thought about registering for it, but then I would have run only 3 miles.

The first mile of this run was absolute torture. Why, oh why does my digestive system decide to "get moving" when I do? I thought I was going to have to quit after a mile, but then I found a porta potty - and then I felt great the rest of the way.

The porta potty was so nice, I took a picture of the nice mirrors on the back of the door. I have never seen such a nice porta potty!

Today I had negative splits for the first time ever (?) My best pace was for my 7th mile. It was a minute faster than the second mile, and almost 2 minutes faster than my first mile. But that first mile was rather scary.

At about 5 miles, a lady in the park shouted out to me "How many miles are you running?" I told her "Seven." She said something encouraging like "all right!" It was nice.

I think I might make this park a regular for weekend runs. It is not particularly close to home, but it is nice to not have to deal with any dang hills! The altitude is also several hundred feet lower - I don't know if a couple hundred feet matter, but it seems like it does.

So I am actually on track for my marathon training! Yay!


Marcy said...

OMG Mary!! ROFLMAO! HAHAHAHAHAA Never in a million years did I ever expect a bathroom shot (and a Port A Potty one at that) from you! But you're right, it's actually a nice one. How can that be possible? LOL

Wes said...

Have you been taking lessons from Marcy? LOL!! Nice 7 mile run in the park!! Very cool, pun intended :-)

J~Mom said...

That IS a nice port a potty!! You can check your hair before you leave. LOL

Michelle said...

Uh oh, Marcy's influence is rubbing off on you with the bathroom shots!! LOL!

Nice park!! Great job on the run!

Jess said...

Congrats on the 7!

And I can so sympathize with the GI trouble in the beginning. I was had a very embarassing incident in a gas station restroom after I was 1 mile into a run. I think many have the same issues.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Wow, you have a nice park to run with good porta pottys. Life doesn't get much better than that!!

Sue said...

Good luck with your training for the marathon - it's very scary isn't it?