Friday, 2 May 2008

Friday Night Thinking...

I thought I would include pretty pictures of my bruise and scars.  (and you can see the impressions of the lovely knee-high fishnets I had on all day today.)  

I went shopping after work tonight - for some furniture and some other stuff at REI.  Then I went to the running store to get some shoes, but they were closed.  So I will go tomorrow.

I did not run all week.  I am scheduled for a 17 mile run this weekend. I guess I will wait until Sunday.  I think this is the "do or die" run for my marathon training.  If I can't do it, I am going to plan on running the half marathon in Anchorage.  If I can run it, I guess I will know that I should continue with my training for a full marathon.  Right now I am plagued with doubts and aches and pains.  

I look at the counter on my side-bar and think - this should be something I am looking forward to, not dreading.  But every time I see how few days are left, I just feel so much pressure.  I don't know how I can be ready for a marathon in 50 some days.  

I got an e-mail from my marathon mentor this week.  It was meant to motivate me I am sure.  It had just the opposite effect.  She said she heard I was having doubts and she said "shame on you." and that people in MUCH worse shape than I finish marathons.  Great.  

I will go out this weekend and do my level best to run 17 miles.  Some of you say that discouragement is typical half way through the training... I hope that is all this is.  

Thanks for your encouragement and understanding.  


ws said...

because shame is always such a great motivator, right? You're definitely not alone with the discouragement.

All sorts of people finish marathons, that becomes clear at the pre-race expo... I suspect once you finish your 17 miler you'll know whether you want to push for the full or switch to the half. Since you are running in Alaska and have an awesome post-race vacation planned it seems either option will turn out great.

I miss REI from my grad school days in Cali.

Marcy said...

I don't know how I'd feel about that e-mail too. I agree that no matter what kind of training you put in, everyone goes through the doubts :-) But really, you always have the option of switching to the HM and like Wendy said you have an AWESOME vacation to look forward too, so you really can't lose :-)

Wes said...

All you have to do is do the miles. Do not worry about your time. Take plenty of fluids and nutrition! Now that I've been training for a half ironman, I can't emphasize nutrition enough.

Your mentor is right. You have to win the mental battles first. You MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Ouch. That one bruise looks painful.

I guess you have to win the mental battles in order to win the physical ones.

I think making a decision this weekend to switch to the half or stick with the full is a fine approach.

Above all, I think it needs to be something you WANT to do.

Running Knitter said...

Good luck on your 17 miles. Just get out there and see how it goes. You can decide about half vs. full afterwards.

J~Mom said...

Do not worry about your time or anything else, go out there...look cute and have fun! That is what it is about, right? 10 years from now you will remember that you finished a marathon..regardless of the time...not anything else. You can do this girl! I know you can.

Michelle said...

((HUGS)) Mary.

I'm sure she had good intentions, but that email wouldn't motivate me, either.

I am confident you can do the 17-miler. Wes had some good advice about the fluids and nutrition.

I wish I was there to run it with you!! I think those who run with others find additional motivation from that. I know there are times I would LOVE a running partner, as running solo gets old sometimes.