Friday, 9 May 2008

What about the Colfax?

I am thinking about running the Colfax (half) Marathon next weekend.  I really enjoyed it last year - it was my first ever half marathon.  I was intending to run 13.1 next Sunday anyway...  hmmm.  I will mull this one over.

I didn't run at all this week!  Holy Crap!  There was all kinds of crazy stuff going on at work, and I had to be there early every day and work late.  Tonight I loaded up my car with all kinds of stuff and my work laptop, and I am intending to work from home this weekend.

Well, and celebrate Mother's Day with my kids and grandkids.  Take one run of probably 6 or 7 miles, clean the house, study for my final exam of the year at Biblical School, do lawn maintenance, oh, and RELAX!  

I want to run the Colfax Half.  hmmmmm.....


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I haven't run all week either. But plan to do my virtual 10K today or tomorrow.

Why not run the Colfax? I say go for it!

Mary Gee said...

I told my daughter I was thinking about doing it and she reminded me that I told her I would babysit next weekend! Dang! I will see if she needs me or not... that will make my decision.

J~Mom said...

I was going to say go for it but now just wait and let your daughter decide! If she doesn't need you that will be your sign!