Sunday, 16 March 2008

Alaska Stuff

In case you didn't read yesterday, I actually had a successful 10 mile run. I am still flying high on that one!

Yesterday I spoke with my nephew in Alaska. We discussed my plans for my trip.

Oh dear. I am so excited. I have booked my flights based on my nephew's recommendation that I stay longer than I had intended... I am, after all, staying at his house! I wanted his permission to stay longer than a weekend.

So, I am getting to Anchorage on Thursday night. Then we will go to the race expo on Friday. Saturday is the race. Mary Gee's first marathon!!!! woo hoo!!! The next day I am hopping on a train to go to Denali. I will stay at Denali National Park for 2 nights and then take the train back to Anchorage.

My nephew wants to go on a fishing charter! How cool is that! So I will have some time to spend in Anchorage because I won't be leaving until the next Monday.

I write this to confirm it in my mind. I was talking with a friend (well, actually a former boyfriend) and he said I shouldn't go. He said I should stop running because it isn't good for me and going to Alaska is just expensive and isn't going to "make you happy." What the hell does that mean?

I spoke with two of my children after this conversation and they both agreed that going to Alaska is one of my better ideas! So, I will just try to put the f.b.f.'s opinion out of my mind... there is, after all, a reason he is a FORMER b.f.!


Running Knitter said...

Don't listen to the former bf. Running is not bad for you and if I had the opportunity, I would run a marathon in Alaska too!

Wes said...

Sounds like f.b.f. is a bundle of negativity. Yea, kick him to the curb and hang out with us positive people!!!

Great plans! I know you are going to have a blast!

J~Mom said...

Get rid of him for sure!! This is a fantastic idea! If you think the 10 mile high is great I can't wait to hear about 26.2!!

Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

That sounds awesome! I like it when races are on saturday instead of Sunday, but it seems like few bigger races are.

Sue said...

Sounds like a very jealous ex-boyfriend!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

WooHooo. Alaska, here you come!!

I think running in Alaska is a grand idea and I'm glad you are thinking about the other touristy things you're going to do while you are there.

Michelle said...

Geesh, what the hell would a FORMER boyfriend know, anyway?

I'm glad you're dedicated to this marathon! You need to surround yourself with cheerleaders, not stupid non-runner ex-bfs who don't "get it." I am cheering you on!!!! You can totally do it!

And it sounds like you'll have a kick-ass vacation to boot!

Marathoner in Training said...

He is yesturdays news, ignore what he said. You are doing great and Alaska will be great.

Anonymous said...

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