Saturday, 8 March 2008

Falling Stars

That's a picture of my left knee. My right knee is very similar, only it has some gravel imbedded in it. My hands are scraped up as well. I fell 1.03 mile into my 10 mile run today. Fortunately, I was in a park with many other runners, and many of them stopped to help me. I really fell! I was even seeing stars. I almost started crying, but then I realized that if I did I would never finish my 10 miles. So, I got up and ran away and did run 10 miles. I felt great for about 5 of them, and then my knees really started hurting and I felt really, really crappy. The last two miles were torture.

By the time I got to my car, I was crying. I called my daughter who volunteered to come over and help me, but all I wanted was a hot bath and my own bed. I have now had my bath, a bowl of cereal and lots of water. I am going to bed.

I did run according to my plan this week. 16 miles.

I think I fell a lot harder than I realized and I am not feeling good at all. For those so inclined, would you say a prayer for me? I am feeling pretty physically and emotionally beat up. waah.


Joe said...

Ouch!!! That's quite a scrape!

Now the comment...

You are one tough lady!

Taking that spill, that early, and still getting in your 10...that's tough.

You've been wondering about motivation, feeling up to the marathon, can you do it, etc etc...I've read it all.

And you demonstrate, in this one instance, you have what it takes.

The late miles of a marathon can make you cry. it just plain hurts a lot of times.

And you need others to help you along. And you need to call your family.

And you still finish. And, then, you are a marathoner.

You showed it today. Stay the're growing strong.

What you learned mentally is huge...keep the picture...and smile.

I'm impressed.

ws said...

hope you were able to rest comfortably and are feeling better today. And, great job on the 10 miler despite the pain.

Sue said...

Well done for getting up and completing the run. Shows true determination especially as it was so close to the start and you could easily have given up and gone home.

Hope you're feeling a bit better now!

Wes said...

I'll say a prayer for ya, but any gal that gets up and runs a 9'er after that fall is one tough chic!! Way to go, Mary!!

Marcy said...

Mary I am so impressed!! You GO!!! Many of people would've have ditched the run altogether! You're one tough lady ;D

J~Mom said...

You got it Mary. I sure hope that you are feeling better now!!

Adam said...

Good job on hanging in there for the 10 Miles.

Hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

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Sam said...

Holy cow! That's impressive to run after that fall.

Jess said...

Congrats on getting up and finishing that 10 miler!

I have fallen several times, and once smacked my face on the pavement. Once though, on a 15 miler, I fell down about 7 miles out, and while I did try to resume the run, about a mile later I folded and called my husband to come and pick me up.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow! Pretty awesome that you got up and finished the whole 10 miles after a landing like that. I hope you get to feeling better really soon.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I'm late finding out about this, but will pray for healing.

I can't believe you finished your 10miler after falling so early into it. Amazing!

Jackal said...