Sunday, 7 October 2007

One Week

One week from now, I will be one hour + into my half-marathon. I will be enjoying myself and I will be about 2 hours away from being done with this. (really)

I have turned some kind of mental corner - and it is good. I had a thoroughly enjoyable run yesterday morning. 3 miles is a nice distance to run. I like this tapering stuff. I also like the cooler weather. I *think* I am suffering through runs in the winter when it is cold, but the truth is, I really would rather run in 20 degrees than 70 degrees.

So, my friends in Arizona - we can still remain friends through the next week of baseball, right?


Marcy said...

Man, I'd totally rather run in 70 degrees then 20.

ws said...

since I doubt I'd be able to move in 20 degrees I too would prefer 70. Though, 60 would have been nice for my run this AM.

Glad to hear the taper is going well...

J~mom said...

Ssshhh...I don't really care about baseball so it's all good. My DH will have the TV on every minute though.

You would have cracked up to see my camping this weekend...lows in the 40s and I thought I was dying. ;>)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I agree that cooler is better than warmer for running, but below 20deg is where I freeze all up and stop moving. LOL.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It's just's all long as the D-Back win ;-)

Good luck with your race and I hope you get good weather.

Randy said...


and MARY!!!!!!!!

I run my half on Saturday in southern Oklahoma and you run your half on Sunday in bout we pull for each other.

I know you are going to do awesome and will have a great race report....can't wait to read.