Friday, 23 November 2007

Cold and Foggy Morning

As I ran this morning, I reminded myself of the summer months when I yearned for these cold mornings. It is 23 degrees and foggy outside. It is cold. - It felt GREAT!

Again, my workout consisting of increments of running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute, I set out for a very quick workout of 1.5 to 2 miles this morning, but ended up running 2.5. I really wish I could have run a lot longer. But I have to get to work dammit!

Tomorrow my plan is to run 6 miles. My big issue is trying to figure out where to run. I am sick of all the places I used to love. I love my neighborhood, but I would love to do a long run without big honkin' hills.

Last night, I put up the first phase of Christmas decorations on my house. They are the little candle stick lights in my front windows. I turned them on early this morning before my run, and it was such a treat to come around the last corner and see the lights on my house!


J~mom said...

I am having the same trouble with my biking. I am so tired of the same old routes but I don't know where to venture out to. Great job on getting out today!

Jess said...

Yeah, old routes can get tiresome, but there's a certain amount of comfort in them as well.

Wes said...

That's awesome! If you are like me, you have to drive to find flat! Grrrrr!!!

Marcy said...

23 degrees and you love it?!?! Geesh Mary LOL!! I always feel like I'm going to snap in half.