Sunday, 18 November 2007

Confusion Reigns Supreme

So, I went to a Jeff Galloway clinic on Friday night. I read the book "Jeff Galloway's Book on Running" in the last couple of days.

Yesterday I did a run/walk - for the first time. I ran 4 and walked 1. Oh my goodness. For five miles, my time was about what it would be normally... for a run without walk breaks. In fact, my pace was 3 seconds per mile faster than what I did the half-marathon in. And I felt good. And I felt like I could have run a lot more than 5 miles - but time was an issue yesterday and I needed to get on with my day.

Today, I tried something I haven't done in a long dang time. I WALKED. I walked a little over 3 miles. The sad part about that? My walking pace is just around a minute per mile slower than my RUN. Oy Vey!

Maybe this doesn't sound confusing, but to me it is. Should I just ditch running altogether and just walk? Probably I should continue to run/walk - and do some serious work on the treadmill to get some speed.

Although when I talked to Jeff while he was signing my book, he said the only reason I would worry about my speed is for my ego. ouch.

My baby granddaughter has her 4th birthday on Nov. 21, so we are having a party for her today - here. It will be grand!

Any advice on the running? TIA


J~mom said...

I have wrestled with these questions over the last year. I have probably put way too much thought into them. I finally feel content in just doing what I feel like. What do you enjoy the most? Do you like running or do you just enjoy staying active? Would you be content walking and still enter races?

Joe said...

I've spent the past year grappling with this as well. I've landed that the R/W is my best bet to enjoy running for a LOOOOONG time. By varying the ratios (I go 9/1 for hard runs, or even 12/1; then 3/1 for my 20+ mile runs) I can vary the effort and the speed. I can still run, flat out, for races when I want to. The training with R/W makes is much more enjoyable.

I'd be happy to discuss further via email if you'd like.

Marcy said...

Ooooooooo Mary look at you doing the bathroom shots!!! ;D ;D ;D

I'm not sure about the running? What do you like better? Walking or running? I saw do what feels best ;D

Anonymous said...

I think you should do what feels best to you. I always walk at the drink stations during an event, mainly it was because I can't drink & run~but I've found I can run better when I do take the minute walks every three miles.
I also like to go and just walk its a relaxing break from the running.

Jess said...

The run/walk dilemma is totally yours to solve and I think you have to do whatever combination feels best for you. Personally, I am the slowest walker ever so my walk pace is WAY off my run pace. Plus, I don't feel the same sense of accomplishment after a walk that I do after a run.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

When I started out I ran and only ran. When I added in walking, I could go farther and that made me happy. I guess what matters is whether running faster makes you happy, going farther makes you happy, or if you're just happy to be out there enjoying every step (walking). There's no right or wrong.

Wes said...

the only reason I would worry about my speed is for my ego

I love it! Run/Walk just works for me, even when I'm doing 10 miles at 9:08 pace...

Someday I may graduate to just runnning. I doubt it, but we'll see!

Randy said...

I noticed the same thing you did when I switched back in the spring to run/walk that I was able to go as far at roughly the same pace, but I felt like I was always capable of going further.

Yesterday for the Route 66 marathon I ran to each water stop up to 16 or so miles, I would walk thru the water stop and run again, probably not quite a minute each time. After 17 though I also started to walk for a short bit at each mile marker, until I hit the hills then I walked most of the way up them.

You have do what is most comfortable for you, play around with the intervals and see which fits you the best. Galloway is sure a way to minimize getting hurt.

Sue said...

Like everyone says, do what you feel happiest doing. Personally, I don't like to walk as I find it very hard to get running again!

Jason The Running Man said...

Great photos! Have any pics of the 67 Buick? Great job on the running!!