Saturday, 17 November 2007

Yesterday's Day

I had the flash on so I could show you all how dirty my bathroom mirror is! But instead of cleaning the bathroom, I head out for a run!
The sun peeks over the horizon. I love that I get to see this so many days.
I just realized that "grade" is a setting on the garmin. Like I needed to be told that this stretch of my run is at a 16% grade!
Some day I will learn how to focus a camera - but I will first stop running and stand still while I am taking the picture.
At the end of my 3.1 mile run, I saw this bird's nest. I think it is so pretty, just sitting there, exposed - after 6 months of leaf coverage.
Head for work and get to office... this also needs some cleaning. Geeez... maybe I should clean instead of taking pictures!
My daughter and I went to lunch at Noodles... she was not amused when I took out my camera and took this picture.
I did a training at 1:00, and when I came out of the classroom, I saw all these little resusi-babies and annies... sorry to say that I am so warped I wanted to take a picture of them.
Went to see Jeff Galloway at the Runners' Roost from 6 to 8. It was great to meet him. I bought this book and am trying to read it in short order.... like before my long run today... maybe I won't manage though.


Joe said...

Great pix!!

You must do some cool stuff at work with all the Ressusa-Annies there. That is very good training and has saved many lives.

the sun-up photos are is the bird's nest!

16% grade, eh?? Hooray for Colorado!

J~mom said...

I love the pics!!!!!!!!!!! You look so cute in that first pic!

Jess said...

Awesome pictorial tour!

Randy said...

Your photo essay of the day were great.....

16% Colorado??? I am not so sure I want to run with you....that would be a mean hill, much more so than what I was complaining about yesterday on my marathon in Tulsa.