Friday, 2 November 2007


It is two weeks today since I have run at all. And that was 2 miles. Before that, the last time I ran was my half-marathon on October 14. I was resting after the race, and then I got so sick. Today is my last day of antibiotics, I am almost back to being able to breathe, and I hope to get out tomorrow or Sunday and start running again.

To answer Jess' question - Rudolph's Revenge is a new race, this will be the first time - it will be at Chatfield Reservoir, see above photo. I was considering doing the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis, which is at Washington Park, but I think I will try this new race instead.

I dressed as a runner for Halloween - I didn't feel well, and I got to be comfortable at work all day! When I tried to turn on my garmin, it didn't come on. Not a beep, not a light, nothing. I took it back to REI last night and when the helper took it out of the box, he turned it right on! I still was able to exchange it for a new one. That freaked me out! That thing is very expensive to not work! But I am grateful I purchased it at REI because they are wonderful.

I could feel bad about how long it has been since I have run, but I think it may have worked out well for me. I am very well rested, and anxious to get back out and run. I was pretty well burned out before the race, so this is good.


Jess said...

Okay, yes, now I know where I read about it. Another blogger, Vanilla, is running that. Maybe I was thinking of Washington Park's Resolution 5K, which might be on New Year's Eve. Not positive.

When I was growing up, we used to water ski out at Chatfield. Should be a fun race!

Sue said...

You sound fit and ready to start running again. Lovely pic.

Mary Gee said...

Yes, I am also running the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve... and it is at Wash Park!

J~mom said...

I wish I had thought of being a runner for Halloween! Instead I just wore and orange shirt! :>)

Anonymous said...

Ohh I wish I would of thought to be a runner too. I could of been comfy at work all day.
Its good to rest while you are sick. Glad you are feeling better. I keep looking at the garmins~I'd love to have one :)