Tuesday, 12 June 2007

6 Weird Things About Me

Javamom tagged me to do this over the weekend. here it is:

1. I love statistics and my mind works in ways that no matter what I do, I find a way to quantify it (which is not always helpful). I audited a graduate level biostatistics class last summer just for fun!

2. I have given birth to triplets (fertilization totally unaided) (see #1 above, the chances of this happening are 1/8,000).

3. I once killed a bear with a Buick.

4. Having been a flighty individual early in life, now I tend to stick to things long after anyone else would have stopped - sometimes I remind myself of a cock roach - the creature that will be left on earth long after everything else is extinct.

5. I won a bubble-gum blowing contest in my childhood.

6. I love all seasons, including snowy cold winter. I probably love winter slightly more than I love summer. No matter what season it is, I tend to say it is my Favorite!

- Thanks for the tag. I don't know who to tag, I think everyone who wanted to do this has done it. If you haven't and you want to, consider yourself tagged!

I am going to the doctor this afternoon to talk about my ischial tuberosities... or my butt if you would prefer. The thought of having someone poking at my posterior does not appeal at all!!! No wonder I waited so long to do this.


Marcy said...

Was #3 scary or what? OMG I think I'd have a heart attack! LOL Good luck with the Dr!!!

ws said...

I like numbers and like to find patterns, which drives people crazy sometimes.

I hope the dr's appt went well.

Michelle said...

Wow about the triplets!! Very cool!

Hope the appointment went well.

J~Mom said...

Thanks for playing along! I would love some of the stories behind those...like hitting the bear, how scary!!