Saturday, 7 July 2007

Swim, Bike, and what? Oh, Run! I forgot to run!

I went out to Cherry Creek Reservoir this morning for a little tri training fun. Their swim beach was closed, so I drove over to Aurora Reservoir. by the time I got there it was after 10:00 a.m. - on a hot day.

The swim was fun! The water was cold and felt great! I got to talk with a bunch of other women who are training for the Danskin (july 15) and the Tri for the Cure (august 5). I swam 800 meters in 27:38 - which I was happy with.

I hopped out of the water, walking sideways as I sometimes do after a swim, and got on my bike and rode 20K in 1:09:28. I am not thrilled with that time, but you should see the hills I was climbing! I felt good the entire time, even though it was over 90 degrees by the time I got on the bike.

It was a great workout and makes me think I should register for the Danskin too! I know I could do a tri next weekend. My times may not be the best, but I could do it. I will mull this one over.

Yesterday I went and I tried on that skirt I was so excited about and it looked terrible on me. It is definitely made for very small teeny little athletic people. Not big lumbering athletic peeps like me!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Marcy said...

My dear Mary Christine!! You like those tri's, do ya? LOL!! I'm so happy that you have your little niche ;-) You SHOULD do the Danskin if you feel up to it! Who cares what the times are as long as you're having fun ;D

Pfffftttt I bet the skirt didn't look terrible!! I'm about to order one myself. I need to check their return policy first though LOL!

J~Mom said...

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to be motivated and get it all done in one day!! Oh man, that sucks about the skirt!!!!!! Pooh!! I have the biggest butt and so it wouldn't look good on me at all.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Wow - glad to read some enthusiasm. Go for the Danskin! Go for it! Go for it!

I tried on a SheBeest cycloskort today. It was pretty cute...but $80....ouch! Couldn't quite part with the cash for that one today.

Anonymous said...

Go for the Danskin!
Who needs skirts when we can wear shorts :)

Sue said...

The skirt looks so cute... they haven't taken off here in the UK yet, or not as far as I am aware, I certainly haven't seen many around. Perhaps I should be the first to introduce them to our club?!

Great on you and your Tri's - they seem like mighty hard work!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Go for it! Sounds like you would have a great time with it.