Thursday, 16 August 2007

More Random Thoughts

I have been struck tired this week. No, exhausted. Depleted. Utterly devoid of energy. I think it is the relief of knowing that my son is safe and healthy and happy. I ran on Tuesday and not on Wednesday, and not today. Please Dear God I will have some energy tomorrow.

So last night I had a bunch of wild dreams. I think they illustrate my anxiety over my lethargy. I dreamed I was in NYC, and was looking for a place to run... I started talking to a man about needing new shoes and he took my money and said he would get me a pair of Brooks Trance 7s. He came back with some discount store plastic shoes and I tried them out. I decided I had to return them, but first went to a bar (??? I haven't had a drink for 23 years), and the box of shoes turned into a pack of cigarrettes and I was smoking them (I stopped smoking in 1991)! I still decided they were the wrong brand of cigarrettes and I needed to return them and get a pack of Benson and Hedges Menthols. YIKES.

THEN (sorry if I am boring you out of your mind with my silly dreams) I dreamed that I showed up for my first day of Biblical School, which starts next week, without my homework assignment. And to top it off, I LIED and said I left it at home... when I hadn't even started it! They gave me a piece of cake and told me to go home.

I think I am losing it! I took Tuesday off work, and maybe I need to take Friday as well.

I need a nice long slow run out in the early morning cool air.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You and my wife with those dreams...

I almost never remember my dreams, so I can't speak to them, but it's very cool that you have gone 23 years without a drink. It's been 8 years since I found out I'm allegic to alcohol in a very painful way. I can't say I miss it, but finding out that your next drink can actually, physically kill you will do that.

I think you should go out and run as hard as you possibly can. I'll bet you will feel like a million bucks afterward.

Marcy said...

I have strange dreams myself, usually they revolve around stuff I've done that day or things I see on tv LOL.

Michelle said...

Oh Mary, I often have weird dreams. I mean, really often.

A lot of mine have to do with college and having to attend one class to get my degree. Of course, I can NEVER make it to said class for one reason or another. And I've had this dream for years, even though I graduated almost a decade ago. But now it's more appropriate, as I am going back to college this fall. LOL!

J~mom said...

I also have very strange dreams and I remember every detail. I do believe it's a time where our mind tries to unwind and sort out lots and lots of details.

Hope you got that run in!

The One and Only Tigger said...

I am in agreement with Chad, I can not remember my dream either. When I do remember them it is usually about work, and who wants to remember those. I did not get a chance to say thank you for visiting my blog, please keep in touch.