Monday, 6 August 2007

More Tri Thoughts

After over 24 hours to gather my thoughts, I will share some here: My times were posted at about 6:00 last night. I actually added 2 SECONDS to my time from last year! I couldn't believe it, 2 seconds! In comparison to last year: Swim :11 less. Trans One 1:26 less. Bike Plus 1:03, Trans Two Plus :22, and the Run Plus :14. So, now I will come out of the slow closet and tell you that my time was 2:03:32.
Swim 23:49
trans 1 5:11
Bike 47:47
trans 2 4:07
Run 42:36

The funny thing is that I enjoyed the swim, I felt great the whole time. I just plugged along, I was able to get right in the water and get right to it... no freaking out and breast stroking or back stroking or the dreaded panic-stricken-treading-water.

The bike ride was torture. I have no idea what happened. I just felt like I was riding on two flat tires with the brakes stuck on through quicksand.

The run was OK. I didn't feel bad as I have in years past. I was slow, but not terribly so. There was only one water station - it was at the half way point. By then I really really needed some water. I had a gu during transition 2 and then a swig of water, but I felt like the gu was sticky in my mouth and it was unpleasant.

Now another "true confession" moment. When I finished, I felt like I had just been run over by a train. I was happy, but absolutely beat. I needed some water and something to eat. The first tent I approached had some bagels and fruit. As I reached for one, I was sternly told that "this is the survivors' table." I really wanted to cry. I felt like I just crashed a party and I really really needed something to drink and eat. I walked around and someone handed me a popsicle and I decided I just wanted to go home. Now, please don't think I begrudge breast cancer survivors' right to first dibs on the after race festivities, and don't think I minimize what they have been through... but holy cow, was there a way to clearly mark that tent so people could not feel like they are trying to steal the food out of a cancer survivor's mouth?

OK, now in the interest of fairness... a stellar facet of the race. I was looking forward to being over 55, because I knew I would have less "competitors" of my own age group. What I didn't think about was that women over 55 who are doing triathlons are generally pretty good athletes. They are serious! And good! And fun! And wonderful! And generous of spirit! I so enjoyed sharing the transition area with them. Maybe some day I will slim down and get better at this.

For now I am thrilled that I can even be in the game. I can put my little race bib on and get to go out with the big kids and play!


J~mom said...

Mary, Mary, Mary...

Girl you did a triathlon!! You completed a whole triathlon!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! You got out of bed time after time after time and trained and I think your times are fantastic!!! Let's not even talk about how totally cute you looked in your new clothes...oh and you ROCKED (did I mention that?)!

Wes said...

And you did fantastic! You gave it everything you had an left everything on the course. There is no shame in being a little emotional about little things. What ever dumb arse snapped at you about the food obviously didn't know anything about triathlons or triathletes, survivors or not...

Debbi said...

You did great, Mary!

If there's any way you can make suggestions to the organizing committee, I think you should relate your experience at the food tent. That's just wrong – everyone who competes needs fuel at the end, and I'm sure the survivors would be the first to agree!

Congratulations again on finishing!

ws said...

You did great and finishing is the important thing. Before I decided to run and I was basically an overweight out-of-practice cyclist I ran a 5K (2006 Race for the Cure, actually) and I felt like I had been steamrolled by an 18-wheeler the rest of the day. I know that feeling and it sucks.

What kind of bicycle were you riding?

Randy said...

Mary you should be proud of that fact that you finished, glow with that. The times are almost meaningless and just a 2 second difference makes them essentially equal in my book.

As to the incident at the tent and the food...I agree find someone that you can share your experience with in the way of a race director or someone on their staff, they should be looking for feedback....I'm not familar with these races that are associated with cancer survivors, but I can tell you that even it were marked "Survivor's Table" I would have thought it meant survivors of the triathlon, oh ignorant me I guess.

You did an awesome job and to have to run at the end of the three events...again I show my ignorance about tri events...are they always in the order of swim/bike/run...oh boy if they are....I would be running at a snails pace by then....much slower than what you did.

Celebrate your victory!!!! That you are a many others...including me have never even started what you've rock!!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job giving it your all!! You should be proud of yourself. Honestly...very proud of yourself.

When do you get to see your race photos in that cute outfit?!?!

Sue said...

Hey Mary, well done!!!

You did fantastic - a triathalon, some of us wouldn't even contemplate doing one - you participated and you gave it everything!!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Ok, soap box time...

It's the responsibility of the race organizers to provide post-race food and drink for ALL competetors. That's straight out of the USAT Race Director's handbook. If they didn't provide that for everyone, they blew it, plan and simple. To dangle that kind of thing in front of the other competetors and only provide it to some is weak. If they only want to cater to the "survivors" then they should only let survivors into the race. They were more than happy to take your money, they should have provided you the food, too.

Sorry, I'm done.

Marcy said...

You did AWESOME Mary!!!! When I grow up I want to be just like you! Seriously!! Pffftttt at the "slimming down" you're FIT and what's more important than that?

I'm with Randy on this and when I first read the first sentence of the "food" part I thought "Huh, survivors of the tri? or what?" I wouldn't have known any better LOL.

Michelle said...

Mary, I think you did wonderfully!!!

There is nothing to be ashamed with regarding your time! And I love your outfit!!! CUTE!!!

I think the person who snapped at you at the food tent was way out of line and should be kicked in the butt. Seriously. There is no reason for some stupid jerk to get all snippy with you about it. I would also tell the organizing committee about what happened.

Anonymous said...

Tri well done! I wish I could swim well....
But that is my new goal so I can try to tri :)